Innovative mobile testing services methodologies to ensure the quality of mobile applications

With an exponential increase in the use of mobile devices among the public and commercial enterprises, mobility testing services have become an integral part of software testing. The release of iOS and Android platforms have revolutionized the mobile world by inducing a new dimension of user experience with software applications.  

Today, mobile device manufacturers are in a constant race with their competitors to create newer smart devices like IoT and wearables. To keep pace with the changes in mobile technology, Testree, with its mobile testing services, uses innovative testing methodologies and best practices to ensure the quality of mobile applications quickly and more efficiently. Our mobile application testing services helps in  cross-browser testing for mobile applications for both functional and non-functional (Manual & Automated) testing. 


Testree with its advanced mobile testing lab has an extensive expertise in mobile testing engagements including experience with the right tools to ensure you get a thorough and cost-effective testing.

Testree ensures end-to-end mobile testing services, which includes functional, security, performance, compatibility, usability and test automation services across devices, networks, OS, browsers, and geographical locations.


Functional test automation

Framework development, Build acceptance testing, Smoke test automation, Regression test automation, UAT automation


User experience testing

UI/UX analysis, User review analysis, Usability testing, UI design testing


Manual testing

Functional, Compatibility, Localization, Internationalization, Interruption, and Notification testing


Security testing

Static code analysis, Dynamic scanning, Vulnerability assessment, and Penetration testing


Performance testing

Device-side performance testing, Network impact analysis, Server-side testing


Mobile analytics

Prod app analytics, User rating analysis, Prod crash analysis, User device analysis


Device coverage

Simulator, Emulator, Device matrix analysis, In-house device lab, Cloud platform

Why Testree

Testing across devices

Experience with industry-leading tools

Fully equipped mobile test lab

Customized frameworks and accelerators



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Case Study

Performance testing of mobile app for a leading financial services organization

Performed financial app testing to ensure application responsiveness and prevent server overload.

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