Customized end-to-end functional test automation services

Test automation helps conduct tests in a shorter period as compared to manual testing, enabling teams to focus more on higher–value tasks and achieve faster time-to-market. Testree’s QA automation testing services are designed to cover a high volume of business scenarios or functionalities. With Testree’s functional test automation framework, teams can ensure detailed product testing with a significant reduction in test cycle time. 

Functional test automation can solve the challenges of rapid development cycles and customer demands while preserving quality. Through a robust automated functional testing approach focused on ensuring the highest precision, we enable teams to improve speed of software automation testing adoption.


Testree approaches test automation with a thorough understanding of the scope of automation and the tools and frameworks required. Therefore, our automated software testing solutions combine several approaches while incorporating manual testing in a few areas to detect subtle bugs.

The test automation development process is varied in its approach – word driven, data driven approach, hybrid between these two approaches and lastly the custom framework. At Testree, we ensure that we utilize efficient testing frameworks in such a way that it is scalable and maintainable. Great effort is put into managing the test scripts and the test results, having reusable functions, separating the data from the tests and other issues that will allow the test automation effort to progress smoothly.


Functional test automation framework

Custom dashboards, subject matter experts, highly modulated libraries, easy maintenance


Tool evaluation and strategy

Tool selection, partnerships with leading tool vendors – SmartBear and Tricentis, in-house experts, cost savings


Automation development and strategy

Assessment of application landscape, assessment existing solution, tool selection, proof of concept and implementation


AI-powered test automation

AI-enabled regression suites, continuous testing approach, customizable frameworks, services across web, mobile, desktop and API

Why Testree

25+ years of experience in software testing

Customizable test automation frameworks

CMMI level 5 company 

Flexible service packages on a ‘pay just for what you need’ basis

Strategic partnerships with SmartBear and Tricentis



How to scale your web and mobile apps with TestComplete

Learn how you can scale UI functional tests with TestComplete and its connected cloud platforms.

Case Study

Streamlining Operations through Test Automation for an American Fashion Accessory Retailer

Nous integrated online shopping with the POS, ensuring stability and 45% cost savings through test automation.

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