Enable your testing strategy with the right combination of test management tools

Software defects can impact revenue, growth, and customer experience. With the right test management tools, businesses can manage defects efficiently and develop quality software by ensuring a streamlined development process. Additionally, with a robust test management suite, teams can meet project timelines and deliver products to market faster.  

Test management covers all aspects of testing. As requirements increase in number and complexity, test management solutions enable teams to integrate continuous testing in all the stages of SDLC and go to market faster while optimizing quality. We utilize functional test automation tools of partners and other industry automation tools to ensure product delivery within a specified time leading to enormous cost benefits and ability to meet SLAs. 


Testree test management services assist enterprises in evaluating, selecting, and implementing the most appropriate tools based on their business needs. With in-depth experience in working with multiple proprietary and open-source tools, we help organizations ensure effective test management in today’s increasingly complex, connected environment using the right test management tools.

Testree experts have extensive experience in developing robust test management solutions with tools that ensure end-to-end test planning, test asset management, seamless information sharing, real-time report on metrics, and automation. Testree ensures that tools align with organizations’ objectives and provide value for money.


Test strategy development

Defining objectives and scope, documentation formats, test processes, and team reporting structure


Tool evaluation and selection

Evaluating and selecting tools based on pricing, ease of use, features, and support


Reporting and statistics

Collecting and interpreting data to identify trends


Training and support

Facilitating knowledge transfer, problem-solving, and tech support


Automation and integration (API)

Leveraging tools, frameworks, and accelerators to optimize testing

Why Testree

Experience with proprietary and open-source tools and platforms

Exceptional domain experience and knowledge

Strong partnerships with best-in-class testing tool providers 

In-house R&D lab, test automation framework, and accelerators



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