Fast track application development and delivery through continuous testing transformation

Traditional SDLC methods are no longer viable as they have failed to keep up with the pace of continuous innovation while ensuring the best possible quality at high speed. As organizations adopt agile and DevOps to streamline their software release process and improve product offerings, incorporating a continuous testing strategy is crucial to foster testing at all stages of the SDLC, from development to deployment. 

Testree enables organizations across domains to accelerate and prioritize testing to meet the demands of fast-paced agile and DevOps initiatives. We leverage our test engineering and automation capabilities and our extensive experience in deploying and leveraging leading continuous testing tools to support clients’ continuous testing transformation initiatives. 


Testree ensures that software quality is a strategic business priority rather than a compliance checkbox. Through continuous testing transformation, we help organizations build a robust development and delivery system to deploy software of the highest quality. Through continuous testing services best practices and shift-left approach, Testree enables teams to improve software quality at each phase of their DevOps pipeline seamlessly.

We help organizations build the right testing and QA capabilities for agile and DevOps, implement end-to-end test automation for continuous integration and continuous delivery, and integrate the latest technologies to increase efficiency and minimize risk.


Risk-based testing

Risk coverage, risk-based insights, and release decisions


Exploratory testing

Defect identification, defection reproduction/ documentation, and integrations


CI/CD integrations

Out-of-box integrations with tools, software delivery pipeline, and DevOps tools


Service virtualization

Continuous test execution, test data availability, API-driven & cloud-based applications, and service-oriented architectures


Model-based test automation

Test maintenance, industry-leading tools, API/UI tests, and technology support


Test data management

Design, generation, and centralized management of data for every test run

Why Testree

Proven methodologies for effective QA and testing

Strong partnerships ecosystem comprising tools vendors like SmartBear and Tricentis

Expertise in implementing software engineering standards to improve the testing process

In-house R&D lab, test automation framework, and accelerators

Expert consultants with extensive domain knowledge

Proven delivery capability and customer satisfaction



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