Deliver high quality software within optimal testing time and budget with managed testing services

End users’ expectations have led businesses to focus on quality assurance and testing to provide a personalized and seamless experience across all channels. Testing software has become more crucial to ensuring quality, and testing teams are finding it challenging to keep pace with the changing technology trends and meet deadlines faster at the cost of quality. 

Organizations struggle to address the evolving market needs and ensure a flawless customer experience within optimal testing time and budget. Testree helps organizations to overcome complex testing challenges and assures quality and faster time to market with managed QA services. Testree’s end-to-end managed testing services ensures complete coverage of software quality aspects in different stages, assisting teams right through transition, merge, optimization, and steady stare.  


Nous offers fully customized, end-to-end managed test services to deliver on growing business demands, taking complete responsibility of application testing at an enterprise or program level. Through established Test Centers of Excellence, we offer diversified skills across mobile testing, performance testing, security testing, and others to help achieve the highest quality standards.

Testree’s managed test services along with a centralized testing function support multiple business lines. We have dedicated onsite/offshore test centers with complete ownership of QA services and metrics deployment for quality and productivity measurement with the proven protection of 98% of high severity defects. The 4 stages of our managed test services are


Transition management

Transition/knowledge management, business objectives, test planning, SLA identification, building test process


Merge management

Test policy and strategy, test planning, test monitoring and control, test design and execution, test environment



Test organization, peer reviews, non-functional testing, test measurement, metrics, continuous delivery


Steady State

Continuous workforce innovation, monitoring, quality control, defect prevention, test process steadiness, KPI proven

Why Testree

Consistent delivery

Flexible resourcing model

High quality software

Optimized testing costs

Customized software testing methodologies



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