Testree is a pioneer in providing performance testing (and engineering) solutions to enterprises across industry sectors, enabling them to verify and certify their applications for capacity, performance and scalability. Our scientific performance assurance methodology is built on fundamental principles to help you develop and deploy applications with confidence, with a focus on “shifting left” some of the testing to find and fix performance defects early rather than be reactive to issues manifesting late in the game.

Our best-in-class Performance Testing and Engineering services help our clients to:

  • Define Non Functional Requirements (NFRs) related to performance and verify applications against them to meet business demands on capacity, performance and scalability
  • Enable intelligent infrastructure planning to support the projected user traffic levels
  • Simulate realistic load generation across geographies to mimic real-world scenarios
  • Diagnose performance bottlenecks and optimize system performance to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Prevent revenue loss due to production downtime of systems

Performance Testing Center Of Excellence Core Capabilities

Our services help our clients assure end-to-end system performance across all layers to meet their business requirements related to capacity, performance, and scalability. Our performance engagement lifecycle includes testing and engineering activities to create real-world scenarios for testing, to deep dive into performance bottleneck diagnosis, and to offer recommendations for performance optimization.

 Testree performance and capabilities

Performance Testing & Engineering CoE Service Portfolio

Our Performance Testing & Engineering CoE provides best-in-class solutions for clients across business verticals such as banking and financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and others.

Our performance test methodology emphasizes on the use of scientific principles such as queuing theory for quantitative and qualitative validation of workload models, test environment sizing, quick performance bottleneck detection, scalability prediction, and capacity sizing, helping assess the system performance and scalability characteristics swiftly and accurately.

Our services include:

Core Performance Testing Engineering Services

  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Cloud Performance Testing Assessment
  • Performance, Scalability and Capacity Assessment
  • Production Performance Failure Analysis

Advisory Consulting Services

  • Performance Capability Maturity Assessment
  • Agile/DevOps Transformation

Enablement Services

  • Tool Evaluation & Feasibility analysis
  • Application Performance Monitoring

Here is how we stand apart among similar service providers:

  • Tool experts with in-depth experience in popular commercial and open source performance testing tools
  • Performance engineering experts skilled in performance bottleneck analysis using various Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools
  • Performance architects to devise performance testing and engineering approaches and solutions aligned to various software development and delivery methodologies including Agile/DevOps
  • In-house developed solution accelerators for quick client-side (browser/device) performance analysis
  • Queuing Theory based scientific performance toolset that comprises of performance test validator, workload model validator, scalability analyzer, and test environment sizing analyzer
  • A flexible pool of certified performance test consultants, test architects, engineering experts, and advisory consultants
  • Strategic partnerships with Micro Focus, Neotys, SmartBear, Tricentis, Perfecto, Microsoft, and New Relic

Performance Testing/Engineering Tool Capabilities


Web Browser/Device Performance Testing Tools

WebPageTest, YSlow, PageSpeed, Lighthouse, GTmetrix, MobiTest, Firebase, Google Analytics


Server Performance Testing Tools

LoadRunner, NeoLoad, JMeter, VSTS, BlazeMeter, LoadNinja, OctoPerf, Flood, LoadUI, Gatling, Tsung, k6, Locust


Performance Monitoring/APM Tools

AppDynamics, Dynatrace, New Relic, Introscope, HP Diagnostics, CloudWatch, Application Insights, Nagios

Our Technology Capabilities

We have performance testing and engineering capabilities for a wide variety of application technologies and platforms including:

  • Web Application (On-prem and cloud hosted)
  • Mobile Application (Native, Web, and Hybrid)
  • IoT Application (REST APIs, MQTT, and CoAP protocols)
  • SAP (across the SAP technology landscape including S/4 HANA, Fiori, SAP mobile apps, Hybris, Ariba, and Concur)
Web App Performance Testing/Engineering

Web App Performance Testing/Engineering     

  • Realistic workload model development using production traffic analysis
  • Web browser performance analysis
  • Test environment sizing
  • Geographic load generation
  • Performance benchmarking for target user loads
  • Scalability analysis
  • Performance bottleneck diagnosis and recommendations
  • Capacity planning
Mobile App Performance Testing/Engineering

Mobile App Performance Testing/Engineering

  • Device performance analysis
  • Network impact analysis for Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G
  • Use of real device cloud for load generation                
  • API performance testing
  • Performance monitoring
  • Server performance analysis
  • Scalability and capacity analysis
  • Server sizing
Cloud System Performance  Testing/Engineering

Cloud System Performance Testing/Engineering

  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of server workload
  • Performance testing on production similar test environment in the cloud
  • Performance tests to identify the maximum supported load
  • Perform server sizing analysis to propose the type and number of cloud instances for all the server tiers for the projected period
SAP System Performance  Testing/Engineering

SAP System Performance Testing/Engineering

  • Workload profile creation for online user load, batch jobs and interfaces
  • Performance test data management strategy
  • Performance benchmarking for new SAP implementation or new cloud migration environment
  • Realistic volume tests to analyze the server capacity requirements
  • Performance monitoring using APM tools and bottleneck analysis

Performance Testing / Engineering Capabilities in Agile / DevOps Environments

With our specialized team of performance experts, we offer proven performance testing and engineering methodologies for various software development and delivery models. Our vast experience in performance testing/engineering in Agile/DevOps environments has helped many of our clients to meet their ‘quick time-to-market’ targets without compromising on thorough testing of product quality attributes.

Our key capabilities include:

  • Performance testing/engineering strategies for early (sprint-level and release-level) and continuous performance activities
  • Open-source performance testing solutions for DevOps environment with real-time dashboards using Grafana and InfluxDB
  • Performance test environment sizing and geographical load generation leveraging the cloud for running realistic performance tests
  • CI/CD performance testing using popular CI servers like Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure DevOps
  • Webpage browser performance analysis, API performance testing, and application performance testing as part of DevOps pipeline
  • Shift-left performance testing/engineering strategies for early performance testing to enable fast feedback loops to the development team
  • Shift-right performance testing/engineering strategies to ensure performance and production environment monitoring using APM tools for quick resolution of performance bottlenecks and helping in refining the performance test strategy and workload model for the next test cycle
  • On-the-fly dynamic load generation using Docker containers
  • Enterprise Performance Dashboards in the cloud for management insights

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About Testree

Testree is the Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) division of Nous Infosystems. Testree has strong expertise in functional testing, non-functional testing, migration and consulting & advisory services. We work with industry proven proprietary frameworks and commercial tools to provide precise testing solutions, applying some of the emerging technologies. Our working models include onsite/offshore testing, combination model and through dedicated test centres.