Till recently Ajith J Pillai’s Nous Infosystems was like any other company from a plethora of IT upstarts that have sprouted the in the last few years in Bangalore and are doing reasonably well.

But not anymore. It has been recognized as the fastest growing IT company in the SME sector. Nous was chosen by Government of India and Karnataka Government for the best IT Exports Award for 2004-2005 category. Independent panel comprising of captains from Infosys and Wipro etc. made the selection.

The recognition is expected to provide a fillip to the activities of Nous which offers IT services, primarily offshore software development and onsite consulting, to large and medium sized corporate in the US and Europe in various industry segments.

Ajith has already charted out his future plans, “To be a one-stop shop for IT and BPO services for global customers across the world and spreading geographically into multiple domains”. For someone who founded Nous in 1996 after graduating from engineering college in Trivandrum and taking MS in Computer Science and MBA from University of Illinois, technology has been a passion. His pursuit for new products led him to consolidate his operations later in Bangalore.

One of its products was software called Nous Electronic Stock Trading designed for NSE brokers. Soon Ajith started foray into the US into Microsoft Technologies which paved the way for entry into West Asia. Nous started with turnkey projects for large retail outlets in Dubai. Then the company developed, what is considered to be its flagship product Medinous, a fully integrated hospital management software. It was first installed in a leading hospital in Sharjah in 1999.

“It is designed to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. It has now been implemented in leading hospitals across various locations in West Asia and in Malaysia and Africa,” Ajith says. Soon Ajith extended his operations to London, Australia and New Jersey. The US has remained its main market accounting for 60 per cent of Nous business. The company had a turnover of Rs. 33 crore but last year but has made a 90 per cent growth in the first quarter of the current year. Ajith is now aiming for a Rs. 60 crore turnover with 500 strong employee network spread across various locations.

The growth path of Nous continued through entry into managed services in Germany and working with new clients in Kenya, Nigeria, New Zealand, Italy, Denmark and Korea. On the way it became a ISO certified and MERCURY CERTIFIED Gold Partner which helped Nous to benchmark its process. Ajith considers CMMi level 4 assessments as an important milestone in the development of quality of Nous.

Recently Nous implemented an accounting system in a school in Indonesia. Other new initiatives include an independent test lab for automated testing of software products and a 24/7-business process outsourcing center, apart from its offshore operations Nous is also looking at India as a potential market. Currently it is working with companies like Phillips and Samsung.

About Nous Infosystems

Nous Infosystems is a CMMI Level 5 SVC + SSD v1.3, ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified global information technology firm providing software solutions and services across a broad spectrum of industries and domains. Nous Infosystems has been delivering quality technology outsourcing solutions to customers across varied industry domains for nearly two decades. Major offerings include Digital Transformation Solutions, Business IT Consulting, Product Engineering Solutions, Application Development and Maintenance, Enterprise Application Integration, Business Intelligence Solutions, Infrastructure Management Services, and Quality Assurance and Testing Services.

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