Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) refers to the manner of planning, designing, evolving, developing, deploying, and managing enterprise systems in order to ensure that business requirements and technical solutions are aligned closely. There are tremendous benefits in the adoption of the SOA architecture. Apart from bringing down costs, this provides business agility, improvement in business workflows, extensible architecture, boosted reuse, and extended life span for applications. While the advantages to business from SOA are tremendous, there is greater burden on IT organizations to ensure that infrastructure and services meet the ever changing business needs. BTO (Business Technology Optimization) becomes a necessity to bring full alignment of IT and business so that IT focuses on business priorities and deliverance of value.

Realization of the full potential of SOA is thereby wrought with challenges.

  • System vulnerabilities and numerous interaction points in broadly unprotected services, unavailable services and inferior performance of applications which use shared services
  • Dissimilar and varied expectations of stakeholders
  • High costs due to recurring changes in services which often lead to redundant and repetitive validation efforts.
  • Challenges faced in isolating defects across architecture layers.

There are several serious challenges faced at the testing stage of SOA-based systems, which need to be addressed for the SOA paradigm to enjoy success. Traditional testing and validation processes, tools and approaches cannot deliver consistency, high levels of test coverage, repeatability and time to market.

Testree SOA Testing Services

Testree’s Service Oriented Architecture Testing focuses on

    • WSDL Verification Service (WS-I compliance test)
      • Schema Validation
      • Semantic Validation
      • WS-I Interoperability
      • WSDL Registration
    • Functional Validation
    • Performance Testing
    • Penetration / Security Testing

Our SOA Validation and SOA testing services aids the enterprise in reducing risks and optimizing costs while improving the agility of SOA implementations. Combining an early lifecycle methodology of functional validation and an all-inclusive non-functional testing approach across the multiple layers of system architecture, we manage service quality and standards of conformance enabling scale up in a production environment. Our middle ware testing and virtualization solutions backed by our very own proprietary tools and accelerators provide powerful component and integrated service oriented architecture testing approaches enabling automated end-to-end testing.

With service oriented architecture testing and validation service from Testree, you can now monitor services, enable compliance and track and identify problems that can impact your business. The solutions from Testree include solutions for testing functionality and performance of individual services as well as composite applications of manifold services, SOA application management solutions for the monitoring, measurement and maintenance of composite applications in product based SLAs. Through SOA testing services, at multiple levels such as functional, regression, integration, system and process and unit, we are able to achieve the principal objective of any testing methodology – i.e. Target segment delivering functionality in a vigorous, scalable and secure manner. Our Service Oriented Architecture testing services with exceptional testing strategies, toolsets and established processes enable companies to effectively validate their SOA programs, legacy upgrade initiatives, enterprise middleware implementations, as well as other technology and business initiatives thus enabling significant agility in business and aiding the rapid deployment of products. Testree also provides SOA governance solutions for managing your applications’ consistency, change and interdependencies of services and predictability enabling you to address new business requirements and ensure successful delivery of performance and functionality as per user expectations.

Testree Service Oriented Architecture Testing Tool Expertise:

Commercial Tools Open source Tools
  • Parasoft SOAtest
  • iTKO Lisa
  • IBM Rational Integration Tester (RIT)
  • AdventNetQEngine
  • Mindreef SOAPScope
  • Crosscheck Networks SOAPson
  • SoapUI
  • TestMaker
  • WebInject

Soa Testing Services Provided By Testree Includes

  • Making available conceptualized test beds in proximity to the end-user environment, adherence to compliance, UI for testing and a testing platform that unifies the many segments.
  • An SOA team that is responsible for the delivery of testing activities ranging from identification of the right SOA testing tools and up to implementation. Setting up of test automation and virtualization centres for your various businesses and enterprises.
  • Segregation of complex architectures into manageable components at the service levels and test these isolated services against performance, functional, compliance, and security related aspects. Thus services tested in silos are then incorporated into larger components thereby guaranteeing comprehensive testing while weeding out the challenges at the process levels.

Process for Service Oriented Architecture Testing Test Strategy Formulation

SOA testing strategies 


  • Benefit of bottom-up IV&V approach aided by a feature rich toolset, mitigating the service and component-level challenges.
  • Performance, security and compliance level testing aid in moderating the challenges posed by non-functional testing at component and service level leading to completely tested products.
  • Benefit from end-to-end business process validation founded on real life cases alleviating IT and business threats.
  • Reduce system dependency and ensure early testing by using available testing windows using stubs, messages and service stimulators.
  • Test Automation framework for SOA from Testree maximizes the ROI on your investments aiding continuous component, regression and integration testing.
  • Deliver quality at all levels across your enterprise with test efficiency of your SOA implementations with our well-defined test process model, IV & V.
  • Enabling Reusability of Services
  • Providing an agile environment for the testing process
  • Allows for the integration of Heterogeneous Systems
  • Enables Interoperability, increased speed of development
  • Enables faster Time-to-market

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About Testree

Testree is the Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) division of Nous Infosystems. Testree has strong expertise in functional testing, non-functional testing, migration and consulting & advisory services. We work with industry proven proprietary frameworks and commercial tools to provide precise testing solutions, applying some of the emerging technologies. Our working models include onsite/offshore testing, combination model and through dedicated test centres.