Quality Assurance of digital solutions requires a strong focus on the verification and validation of those systems against Non Functional Requirements (NFRs), which represent quality aspects of the system such as performance, security, usability and compatibility. This category of testing is called Non Functional Testing (NFT). Unlike functional requirements, NFRs represent the quality attributes of the system as a whole and directly affect the overall experience of end users.

Performance Testing

Our Performance Testing Center of Excellence offers proven test methodologies, monitoring strategies, performance diagnosis capabilities, solution accelerators, and expertise across a number of popular commercial and open-source tools to certify applications for performance, scalability, and capacity characteristics. Our performance testing and engineering solutions cover a wide range of applications including Web, mobile, client-server, and packaged enterprise solutions such as SAP, among others.

Our end-to-end “performance assurance” methodology goes beyond performance testing to include client-side (browser/device) performance analysis, workload modeling using scientific principles, performance modeling, server monitoring, code and database profiling, performance diagnosis and optimization, and capacity planning.

Security Testing

The IT world is increasingly threatened by hackers everyday. The need of the hour is for enterprises to protect their software systems against sophisticated and malicious threats such as database injections, cross-site scripting and other such methods.
Testree team constantly monitors latest security threats and areas of vulnerabilities in software applications. We have sound knowledge in testing the security of software applications like web & mobile applications and products across verticals.

Usability Testing

Ensuring that applications are easy to use and match customer expectations and intentions will improve customer satisfaction and retention. Usability Testing aids customers in achieving this and also decreases cost on support and modifications.
Our non functional software testing experts at Testree evaluate user experience, interaction design, information architecture and management of content, knowledge and brand.

Compatibility Testing

Celebrating diversity has become the norm of the software world. The proliferation of new technologies has only reinforced the importance of compatibility of software applications to these choices.
Testree is well aware of the challenges of ensuring compatibility of software applications with respect to various versions of operating systems, devices, databases and other system entities.

Localization Testing

Localization of applications has become a critical factor in increasing sales and cross border mergers and acquisitions of global players. Testree has expertise in localization testing of software applications.
The key focus areas include Web applications testing, Enterprise applications testing, desktop & Client server applications, Apps for Mobile & Embedded Devices, Localized Libraries, and APIs & Tools.

SOA Testing

As a result of advancements in internet technologies, Service Oriented Architecture and interoperability of systems have become common ingredients of modern applications.
Testree has in-depth knowledge of SOA standards and protocols and has the latest tools to offer the best SOA testing services.

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About Testree

Testree is the Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) division of Nous Infosystems. Testree has strong expertise in functional testing, non-functional testing, migration and consulting & advisory services. We work with industry proven proprietary frameworks and commercial tools to provide precise testing solutions, applying some of the emerging technologies. Our working models include onsite/offshore testing, combination model and through dedicated test centres.