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With an exponential increase in the use of mobile devices among the general public and commercial enterprises, mobility testing services has become an integral part of software testing. The release of iOS and Android platforms have revolutionized mobile world by giving rise to a new dimension of user experience with software applications. Today, mobile device manufacturers are in a constant race with their competitors to create newer smart devices like IOT and wearable devices. In order to keep pace with the changes in mobile technology, Testree with its multi device testing services uses innovative testing methodologies and best practices to ensure quality of mobile applications in a quick and efficient manner.

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Our Mobile Testing Services Suite

Mobile testing has posed a unique set of challenges due to the multiplicity of operating systems and their versions, devices and their configurations, network dependencies etc. Testree works with customers for a pragmatic evaluation of these challenges and setting the testing objectives that align with their business priorities.

Mobile User Interface Testing

Testree offers a comprehensive mobility testing services that involves testing of all the elements of UI including color themes, navigation styles, testing behavior in different device positions and network types, UI based performance testing and user experience testing.

Mobile Functional Testing

Smart phone apps are meant for usage on the move, with fascinating features like location tracking, gesture recognition, gyroscope, accelerometer and other integrated features. Our team is mindful of these features that are specific to smart phones, while performing the mobility testing services.

Apart from ensuring the basic functionality of the apps, we also ensure UI level quality aspects like

  • App’s response after an interruption like incoming call or SMS
  • App’s behaviour when supporting network types like 2G,3G, Wi-Fi are interchanged
  • Screen size compatibility

Mobile Performance Testing

The success of the UI of a mobile app relies on its visually appealing design, but not at the cost of performance issues like excessive loading time, instability and excess consumption of the mobile’s power or data plan. Testree offers mobility testing services adopting a rigorous multi device testing approach as part of UI testing methodologies to help mobile apps perform better in terms of user interaction.

Mobile User Experience Testing

The user expectations from a mobile app are different from that of web or desktop apps. The key differentiators are: A greater level of creativity and intuitiveness in the design, speed, compactness, efficient use of device resources and social sharing capabilities.

We put ourselves in the shoes of the user and test the apps from their perspective. To ensure a pleasant user experience, we put the apps through stringent multi device testing for

  • Clarity of inputs and easy navigation flow
  • Better interaction elements like obvious gestures for input and navigation
  • Alternate interaction ways for touch gestures
  • Minimal inputs to aid compactness
  • Efficient placement of design elements on the screen

Mobile Device Coverage Testing

By the time a mobile app traverses from design stage to launch stage, newer OS versions and newer mobile devices would have hit the market. With such rapid advancement in the mobile hardware and software arena, device compatibility of apps should be the primary focus of mobility testing services.

Testree has a thorough understanding of the challenges related to device coverage and test mobile apps for:

  • OS & device fragmentation
  • Security threats
  • Installation & launch
  • Usage of data and power
  • Performance differences due to connection speed

Offering innovative mobility testing services, we obtain the most popular devices and perform device-based and mobile cloud testing of apps. Our device coverage test plan is customized based on the devices and operating systems most used by the target users. We suggest optimal devices for a maximum coverage.

Mobile App Store Approval Testing

Testree is familiar with the guidelines provided by app stores. We ensure that the mobile apps abide by these guidelines and are easily approved by stores at first submission.

Mobile Tool aided Testing

Testree has amassed a repository of tools for making its service smarter and faster. Fetching the best of both worlds is our goal when it comes to using open source or commercial testing tools.

Mobile Security Testing

Mobile devices stand out from desktop or laptop devices in the sense that their usage is more personal. Guarding against all potential security threats is extremely crucial for mobile apps.

Mobile Test Automation

Mobile automation testing not only reduces regression testing window but also identifies reliability defects like memory issues. We have sound knowledge in the use of tools like Robotium, Appium and our team consists of Perfecto Mobile certified test professionals. Whether it be a single screen disruptive gaming app, migration of complex enterprise solution into a mobile app, technology break through oil exploration app, an app to kill time or an app to save life, we utilize our comprehensive mobility testing services to get your app tested in a much faster, deeper and wider manner.

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Testree is the Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) division of Nous Infosystems. Testree has strong expertise in functional testing, non-functional testing, migration and consulting & advisory services. We work with industry proven proprietary frameworks and commercial tools to provide precise testing solutions, applying some of the emerging technologies. Our working models include onsite/offshore testing, combination model and through dedicated test centres.