Manual functional testing plays a crucial role in the implementation of agile methodology in scenarios where manual testing is considered superior to automation. Whenever there are frequent changes to functionality, it is vital to employ manual functional testing and hence automation cannot replace manual functional testing completely. With Testree’s QA manual testing service, you can now ensure that your applications are thoroughly tested before its release to the end customer.


  • Applications of client server architecture
  • Desktop Applications
  • Web based applications
  • Root cause analysis
  • Usage of test techniques such as equivalence partition, boundary value analysis, error guessing, cause effect graphing for preparation of test cases

Advantages with QA Manual Testing

QA Manual Testing Services from Testree enables a feature by feature authentication of behavior, testing against a widespread range of customary and erroneous data and can be performed for

  • Black box testing
  • White box testing
  • Sanity and Regression testing
  • System testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Integration testing (using Top Down and Bottom Up) approach

Manual Functional Testing covers the following tests

  • Localization and globalization testing
  • API testing
  • Security and network testing
  • Database management testing
  • Risk based testing
  • Accessibility, Usability and Scalability testing
  • Installation and compatibility testing including backward compatibility

All tests undergo a thorough check in the manual testing phase. The objective is to verify & validate the application for conforming to the given specifications as per the Business requirement specification (BRS) and Software requirement specification (SRS) to ensure that all required functions are performed correctly. Team has expertise to review High Level Design document (HLD) and Low Level Design document (LLD) while creating test cases to ensure 100% test coverage.

Advantage in Manual Functional Testing

  • Testing Methodology expertise for any environment
  • Expertize in handling majority of bug tracking tools
  • Early interaction with client’s business team for requirements gathering

Key deliverables

  • Test summary report
  • Audit trails
  • Test closure
  • High level test strategy and test plan for every project
  • Consolidated reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis

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About Testree

Testree is the Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) division of Nous Infosystems. Testree has strong expertise in functional testing, non-functional testing, migration and consulting & advisory services. We work with industry proven proprietary frameworks and commercial tools to provide precise testing solutions, applying some of the emerging technologies. Our working models include onsite/offshore testing, combination model and through dedicated test centres.