Test Environment Planning

A thorough test environment planning ensures efficient use of technology assets and resources by keeping the optimal test environment ready before the onset of testing. It enhances quality while minimizing operational cost. For assured success in quality initiatives and cost saving, businesses need to invest on managing the Test Environments.

Test Environment Planning includes managing the hardware, software, middleware applications, databases, test data, tools, resources and procedures efficiently. With a number of improved technology tools and frameworks constantly arriving in the technology market, test environment management has multiple challenges like:

  • Lack of dedicated team for Test Environment management
  • Fragmented environment with activities scattered across multiple teams like development, testing or administration.
  • Lack of consolidation of Test Environment asset causing overuse or underuse of resources and absence of proper tracking of assets
  • De-centralized software releases due to separate ownership of projects by different business units
  • Less or no documentation removing the possibility of reusability
  • Intense manual activities with little or no tools usage
  • Configuration issues in environment

Testree offers expert consultation services for efficient organizational test environment management and provides valuable guidance on the preparatory measures needed for performing effective testing. We provide consulting services for establishing a dedicated team for test environment management.

Testree’s consultations for Test Environment Planning

The key benefits of our test environment planning consultations are illustrated below:

test environment planning 

We provide guidelines and best practices for efficient management of resources at the enterprise level. Some of the best practices include

  • Dedicated Team Set Up – Establishing a fully mature enterprise service for managing the entire operations related to the Test Environment resources
  • Clarity in communications – Emphasizing the use of common terminology across the organization while describing the Test Environment, avoiding misinterpretations and delay in solving the issues in environments and improving their quality
  • Knowledge Sharing – Centralized knowledge management with a knowledge base of Test Environment related information like solution documents, schedules, test environments plans, issue recovery guidelines, incident management and other documents as needed for audit purposes.

Strategic Planning and Robust Program Governance

A strategic approach to test environment planning is essential for the smooth functioning of test environments. With this in mind, Testree provides valuable inputs for the following:

  • Capacity Enhancement – Creating Test Environment strategy in line with the enterprise testing strategy, IT infrastructure strategy and release patterns of applications for building comprehensive test environment
  • Test Environment Life Cycle - Defining the scope of test environment , designing and building environment with a balanced approach similar to the production environment and minimizing the infrastructure and operational cost
  • Continuous Improvement – Review and standardization of best practices for effective management and sustenance of test environment with optimal utilization of resources and assets

Process Optimization and Operational Excellence

Testree offers consultations to improve operational excellence of quality processes with focus on the following:

  • Better utilization of resources - By integrating operational information, simplifying the test environment’s structure and sharing knowledge and resources for reusability
  • Process optimization and standardization – By implementing best practices, performance measurement through metrics and adherence to SLAs for continuous improvements and increased liability.
  • Forecasting and Capacity Planning – Monitoring usage trends and estimating capacity
  • Collaborative Work patterns – Collaboration of the teams involved in accessing the test environment like booking request for usage, periodic maintenance and upgrading of environment, managing the time slots of applications and ensuring availability of the resources etc
  • • Efficient test environment management – Proper management of data processes and procedures, identification of tools for analysis, generation and validation of data, data mining, coverage and sharing, reusable data archiving and other data management best practices


Testree offers recommendations to automate test environment activities like test environment management, asset management, environment booking, knowledge management and processing of service requests. Automating test execution by customizing the options helps in managing the Test Environments effectively.

Testree is the one stop solution for all your needs in getting expert advice on Test Environment Planning.

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