Software testing being a critical part of software quality assurance, signifies the review of coding, design and specification. Software testing is performed for finding defects and for reliability estimation. Unless the testing is complete and exhaustive, the test can only highlight the presence of flaws. The key to software testing is to be able to perceive modes of failure which would include testing the software thoroughly for all possible inputs.

Understanding the issues in testing the performance feasibility of software testing, Testree provides test process consulting expertise in this area as well. In the Verification and Validation testing space, finding the error and executing a program, being the main objective of testing, Testree helps enterprises in checking if the given testing software meets customer expectations. Testree checks to ensure that the testing program does and has the following capabilities:

  • Test should start at the component / module level and work “externally / outward” towards the incorporation of the entire computer based system.
  • For the many and varied points in time, the tests should be different and appropriate
  • There should be an independent test group available which should enable the user to conduct tests for the constantly changing software testing and development projects
  • Although we see testing and debugging as different activities, the debugging function should necessarily be made available in any and all testing activity
  • A method employed for software testing must be able to accommodate tests at lower levels which are able to confirm that a source code segment has been executed correctly as well as accommodate high level tests that can authenticate major system functions as against customer expectations.


Testree as part of its test process consulting suggests that all Validation and verification testing activity starts with a test plan which is a broad-spectrum and general manuscript / document defining the scope, the schedule of testing, approach to be taken, identification of the test items for the test process and the people who would be held responsible for the varied segments of the testing process.
Testree ensures that an ideal test plan contains the following:

  • Test unit description / Specification
  • Approach / Tactic to be used for testing
  • Test deliverables
  • Schedule for the tests
  • Personnel allocation schedule
  • List of all the features that need to be tested
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This encompasses the process of checking to see how adequately a particular set of tests will cover the product. Considering that validation and verification testing is a very elaborate and profoundly difficult process, it is important to understand what goes into streamlining the process.
In order to check the performance feasibility of a test it is necessary to ensure the following:

  • The test should have a high probability of finding an error
  • The tester should have an understanding of the software and have a mental image of the possible failures.
  • Every single test should have different purpose
  • The test should be best of breed


This includes Verification and Validation (V&V) which is done to ensure that the software correctly does a specific function. The validation process is done to ensure that the software that has been built is in tune with customer expectations.

A few of the verification and validation processes are part of software quality assurance which include formal quality and configuration audits, technical audits, simulation, feasibility studies, database and document reviews, algorithm analysis, development testing, qualification and installation testing.

Testree by employing these checks and processes ensures that a thorough feasibility test is done on the software and organizations can benefit greatly from the expert guidance from Testree in this area.

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