Retail applications are highly dynamic with multiple operations and modes of service. These are critical applications influencing customer service, business reputation, continuity and growth. The perfect synchronization between various component systems like Ecommerce, POS, Inventory management and Business Intelligence systems is of utmost importance.

Testree has strong domain exposure and profound experience in retail application testing. We have the industry knowledge and technology competencies to deliver premium service in retail software testing.


Testree’s Retail Testing areas

Our service suite covers retail software testing of all branches of retail operations including

Integration Testing

Retail applications typically have many components and third party applications for fraud prevention, pricing, shipping, pricing, payment gateways, vendor management, and inventory and warehouse management. These applications need to be seamlessly integrated for optimal functioning. Testree’s expert team evaluates all the participating units of each process flow and validates their flawless integration and perfect interaction.


We perform the usability, security and performance and functional retail application testing of the various channels like web store or mobile shopping to ensure a smooth and safe shopping experience to the users. Our experts have extensive knowledge to verify domain-specific issues like website availability during concurrent usage, payment security, compatibility and efficient interoperability between various sub systems.

Supply Chain management

Our experienced quality experts test the entire supply chain cycle for process efficiency and coordination between the individual modules involved. We design test strategies to validate end-to-end processes like sourcing goods from suppliers, management of orders placed through multiple channels, Preparation and packaging, delivery through shipments with proper tax calculations and return options for damaged goods and customer reconciliation, inventory replacement, warehouse management etc.

Merchandise Management

Testree evaluates the merchandise management segment of retail applications to verify that the retail buying process is in line with the customer’s requirements data. This will ensure perfect stock management eliminating the possibilities of deficiency or abundance of products thereby enhancing customer retention and reducing wastage costs.

Store Operations

We have proven track record of successfully testing many store operations like product creation, stock management and product replenishment etc.

Enterprise Integration

As part of the retail software testing services, Testree ensures that retail applications perform well in line with the organization’s service oriented architecture, interoperability, scalability and reusability.

Customer Support

We assess the various customer support features in the system and ensure their quality. We verify easy access to support information, quick reconciliation and customer support processes, and efficiency of other support functionalities.


We validate ‘Point of Sales’ solutions against various quality metrics like quick checkout, easy product selection, safe payment and billing systems, receipts generation, barcode solutions and RFID solutions etc.

Returns Management

We make sure that the returns process of the retail application is efficient and customer-friendly by testing for accuracy of information, time span for replacement or reimbursements and proper reflection of returned quantity in stock information etc.

Promotion Planning and Optimization

Our proficient quality professionals perform retail application testing to validate various promotional features of applications like discount pricing, coupons management and other promotional offers against proper functioning.

Inventory Planning

We conduct retail software testing for efficient inventory planning with optimization of demands forecast and planning, replenishment strategies, supply chain management and stock management.

Master Data Management

Testree verifies the processes that are involved in managing the enterprise product data and ensure that the centralized data is properly being updated after each transaction and is accurately displayed in the reporting systems.

Distribution Network Management Systems

Our experts perform a thorough retail application testing of distribution network management in retail systems. We test the optimization of supply chain processes, shipment processes, timely delivery of products, notification of delay or problems in shipping and proper handling of order updates before shipping etc.

Warehouse Management Systems

We check the warehouse operations for proper maintenance of stock information of stored, replenished and delivered products, demand-based inventory and availability of products when the customer needs.

Sales Force Automation

Salesforce automation of retail applications has enhanced customer service by personalized service using customer information thereby increasing customer loyalty. With the in-depth knowledge of Salesforce automation, Testree ensures seamless integration of Salesforce automation adding value to customer service initiatives.

Business Intelligence Systems

The accuracy of business intelligence systems plays a vital role in effective planning of the business strategies. Testree understands this and evaluates the business intelligence and data warehousing systems for accuracy of information presented in various data reports and analytics.

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About Testree

Testree is the Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) division of Nous Infosystems. Testree has strong expertise in functional testing, non-functional testing, migration and consulting & advisory services. We work with industry proven proprietary frameworks and commercial tools to provide precise testing solutions, applying some of the emerging technologies. Our working models include onsite/offshore testing, combination model and through dedicated test centres.