The constant changes seen in the financial sector and the rapid growth have necessitated the need for a new breed of financial services testing solutions capable of handling complexities with solutions expected to be delivered in real time. The essential criteria are availability and reliability and this has forced organizations to keep pace with advances in technology and as a result, becoming more proactive and ensuring cost benefits.

With Testree’s expertise in financial application testing and monitoring tools and given the exceptional domain knowledge possessed by Testree, we help customers in their core business, aiding them in their sustained and continued growth. Testree provides a full spectrum of financial application testing services for financial institutions to leverage market opportunities. With cost effective and value-added wealth management application testing and financial services testing, Testree has helped many enterprises in the financial services industry in their business expansion process and enabled improved delivery of service. We offer custom as well as comprehensive financial application testing services, quality assurance consulting, support and maintenance for all types of financial business applications.

We have experience in different areas of financial services testing which include asset based lending, broking, risk management, treasury management and have tested implementations and projects for several financial institutions. With several test professionals dedicated to the financial services practice, we pool in our deep domain knowledge with quality assurance tools, methods and accelerators providing leading financial institutions with full spectrum of financial application testing services.

With advances in technology more organizations are facing newer challenges in maintaining compliance status with industry critical compliance. We see organizations investing more on these compliance issues as technology gains prominence.

Benefits to customers from Testree's managed financial application testing services for financial firms include:

  • Improved performance of online transactions leading to reduced cost
  • Improved application performance leading to minimal revenue leakage
  • Improve System availability reducing revenue loss caused by non-availability of system at the time of customer purchase
  • Retain high net worth individuals by providing top application performance
  • Ensured end-to-end security testing across the entire range of Financial Services IT landscape: Infrastructure, networks, data and applications. 

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About Testree

Testree is the Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) division of Nous Infosystems. Testree has strong expertise in functional testing, non-functional testing, migration and consulting & advisory services. We work with industry proven proprietary frameworks and commercial tools to provide precise testing solutions, applying some of the emerging technologies. Our working models include onsite/offshore testing, combination model and through dedicated test centres.