Integration Testing

Testree specializes in Integration Testing, which focuses on addressing various issues with interaction of two or more components, that produce results to satisfy functional requirement. With vast Integration Testing experience, extensive domain knowledge, tools, and technical expertise, Testree helps its customers in deploying highly scalable applications.

Testree has expertise in:

  • Top-Down Approach
  • Bottom-Up Approach
  • Big-Bang Approach
  • Ensuring proper integration of two or modules in an application / enterprise solution
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UK: +44 208 587 1411
Canada: +1 905 402 9943
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India: +91 80 41939400
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Quality Assurance

A CMMI® Level 5,
ISO 9001:2000 and
ISO 27001:2005 certified company that lays a very high emphasis on quality and understands the importance of developing defect free solutions.

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